The importance of the intertidal area for the Mullet Liza klunzingeri

Adel Alsaffar, Abdulrahman Bin Hassan, Talal Dashti, Ali Taqi, Ali Al-Mousawy, Adnan Al-Alawi


The mullet Liza klunzingeri, locally known as maid, is an important commercial species in Kuwait and accounts for up to 16% of the total finfish landings.  To determine the seasonal and spatial distributions of juvenile maid, a small-mesh seine net was employed monthly at seven selected coastal sites during the period from November 2013 through October 2014.  Semicircular sweeps of the 30 m long, two-meters high seine covered an area of approximately 1,400 m2.  Juvenile maid were captured at most of the sampling sites during the entire investigation period, but mainly in spring and summer, indicating a wide coastal distribution of this species.  The highest catches of juveniles occurred in May with an average of 30.2 kg per sweep, corresponding to a density of 22 g/m2.  Catches of juveniles from sampling sites in or just south of the Kuwait Bay, near prime maid fishing grounds, were much higher than those from more southerly sampling sites.  The captured maid ranged in total length (TL) from 18 to 179 mm, with a high peak at 41 to 50 mm.  By-catch included thirty species, with  hasoom (Sillago sihama), Imchawah (Diplodus sargus kotschyi), and yowaff (Nematalosa nasus) being the most common.  The by-catch consisted mostly of juveniles with lengths less than100 mm TL, showing the importance of the intertidal and coastal waters for many species.


Juveniles; Nursery grounds;Biomass; Distribution

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