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Despite women’s substantial participation and productive inputs, their role in broiler production has often being underestimated or ignored by the society. This study was conducted to provide information on the gap that existed on the management technologies observed by the male and female disparity. This study examined gender analysis of broiler production management practices, profitability and constraints. A sample size of 104 respondents was used by the multistage sampling procedure. Data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The major findings were, the mean age for the males and females were 45 years and 43 years with majority of the females acquiring higher education than the males. The stock size for the male and female practitioners was 185 birds and 327 birds with mean income of ₦122, 880.86 and ₦172, 221.72. There was insufficient access to extension services and credit by the practitioners. The predominant management practices adopted were vaccinated by male (93.2 %) and female (100.0%); feeding practices male (84.7%) and female (100.0%) whereas, biosecurity and waste recycle were least adopted. Respondents’ best reasons for adopting of broiler management practices increased profits of male (96.6%) and female (95.6%). The male and female respondents realized a profit of ₦340, 154.24 and ₦433, 991.01 respectively. The most serious constraint experienced by both was price fluctuation (male = 86.4% and female =80.0%). The results showed relationship between the farming experience, extension access, insurance and bird age and adoption. We concluded that adopting the identified broiler management practices by the practitioners could improve production and income. This study revealed that females performed better than males in the adoption of broiler management technologies. The provision of credit, extension and insurance services and improvement in management practices can address the serious constraints faced by broiler production practitioners.

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Gbigbi, T. M., & E-Okoronkwo, . C. P. (2023). Gender Analysis of Practitioners of Broiler Production Management Practices in Delta State, Nigeria: Gender Analysis of Practitioners of Broiler Production Management Practices . Journal of Agricultural and Marine Sciences [JAMS], 28(2), 28–37.