Partitioning of Chemical Constituents in the Leaf and Stover of Sorghum Grown in a Saline Soil

H.A. Esechie, F.R. Miller


Field and laboratory studies were conducted in l990 and 1991 to determine the concentrations of total nonstructural carbohydrates (TNC), crude protein, cellulose,  hemicellulose. Iignin and ether extract partitioned in the leaf and stower of sorghum grown in a saline soil (EC = 11.8 dSm -1). Twenty three sorghum cultivars comprising 10 female lines. 6 male lines and 7 forage lines were used. TNC was uniformly distributed in the leaf and stover portions. Significantly higher concentrations of cellulose and Iignin were partitioned to the stover portions than the leaf, but the leaf contained larger amounts of hemicellulose and ether extract than the stover. Although, based on TNC contents some of the sorghum types have a potential for methanogenesis, the competing demand as animal feed also needs to be considered.







Agricultural Sciences

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