First Lactation Genetic Parameters of Buffaloes Under Multiple Trait Animal Model

M.S. Khan, K. Z. Gondal, S. H. Raza, A. A. Asghar


There are many computational algorithms available for estimating (co) variance components under multiple trait models. Paternal half-sib correlation is the most commonly used method for estimating genetic parameters of economic traits of buffaloes. The models used are Single trait, ignoring covariances with other traits. The relationship matrices are also ignored. This study was undertaken to estimate genetic parameters of first lactation traits of Nili Ravi buffaloes under a multiple trait animal model. First lactation milk yield was l7% heritable when traits such as age of calving interval were considered. Age at first calving was 18% heritable with very low genetic correlations with other traits. Lactation length, dry period and calving interval were lowly heritable traits. Estimates differed by inclusion or exclusion of traits due to the covariances present among all these traits. A high genetic correlation between mills yield and lactation length (0.74) does not warrant the selection of milk yield as the only trait.


Agricultural Sciences

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