Nutrient Uptake by Wheat and Weed Under Different Fertilizer Application Methods and Competition Periods

A. Tanveer, S. Ahmad, A. Hussain, R. Ahmad


A field experiment was conducted to estimate nutrient losses by Phalaris minor Retz, in wheat under different fertilizer application methods and competition periods. The study consisted of a Side-placement and a broadcast incorporate method of fertilizer application, and competition periods of O, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 wk after emergence (WAE) and full season competition. Nitrogen, P, K, uptake by Phalaris minor Retz,  was 11.33,  1.20 and 8.34 kg.ha-1 respectively, using the broadcast incorporate method whereas full season competition resulted in a maximum uptake of 28.41 kg.ha-1,  N and 3.13 kg.ha-1 P by Phalaris minor Retz. Potassium uptake by Phalaris minor Retz, reached a maximum (17.45 kg.ha -1) at 8 wk competition. Nitrogen, P,  and K concentrations in wheat were higher in Side-placement than in the broadcast incorporate method of fertilizer application. Wheat under zero competition showed higher N, P, and K concentrations than that of the different competition periods.


Agricultural Sciences

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