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Globally, sustainable development is considered as a vital need to fisheries sector that integrated both human and environmental well-beings. This issue was recognised by the Omani government therefore, it started to promote the fishery management system by establishing new fisheries development plans and management policies to achieve the sustainable development goals. This study aimed at assessing the progress of Al Batinah fishery towards sustainable development using Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) framework and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis approach (MCDA) from 2008 to 2017. A consultation review was conducted to identify all possible components (criteria) of the ESD framework. Progress of each component toward sustainability and sensitivity analysis were conducted to identify strengths and weaknesses of components. Attainment toward sustainability in Al Batinah fishery progressed a positive trend. Scores increased from 50 points (on 100 points scale) in year 2009 to 81 points in year 2016. Specifically, the progress toward sustainability in the human well-being was better. The scores increased from 55 points in year 2009 to 95 points in year 2016 indicating excellent progress. However, the progress toward sustainability in the environmental well-being was minimal. The scores increased from 42 points in year 2008 to only 67 points in the last three years 2015 to 2017 indicating a slow and a below average progress. The results indicated that the year 2016 had the best attainment toward sustainability and the management measures and/or practices adopted in 2016-favoured socio-economic development more than conserving the environment. Sensitivity analysis confirmed that year 2016 was the most preferred year and provided different strengths and weaknesses to improve both human and environmental well-beings and consequently improving the progress toward sustainability. The management authority is therefore advised to adapt conservative measures to promote and protect the environment. In the long-term, such preferences of human well-being over environment might threaten the whole fishery.

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Al Siyabi, H. (2023). An Assessment of Al Batinah Fishery with Respect to Ecologically Sustainable Development Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis Approach. Journal of Agricultural and Marine Sciences [JAMS], 28(2), 18–27.