Temperature and Water Effects on the Viability of Alginate-Formulated Oospores of Pythrium Oligandrum

A. K. Al-Rawahi, J.G. Hancock


The low germination rates of oospores hinder the use of Pythium oligandrum as a biocontrol agent of soilborne plant pathogens. To improve the reliability of oospore-inoculum of P. oligandrum for the biological control of root diseases, oospores were formulated in calcium alginate pellets (oospore-pellets). Oospore-pellets of five isolates of P. oligandrum stored at 4°C under dry conditions remained viable (more or equal than 99% germination for each time interval) over 12 months regardless of the culture medium used to produce the oospores. In contrast, oospore-pellets stored at 25°C under the same conditions maintained their viability for 3 months but declined to 50%, viability in the following 9 months. Germination of oospore-pellets was at the highest (98%) at solute potentials (y8) higher than -l.33 MPa or relative humidities (RH) higher than 97% at 25° and 33°C. Germination declined sharply as (y8), decreased from -1.33 to -2.59 MPa and RH decreased from 97 to 94% with no germination occurring at -3.59 MPa and 92% RH. Only 60% germination was found at 16°C in the top range of y, and RH, and germination declined sharply as y, and RH were decreased, with no germination occurring at - l .33 MPa and 95% RH. Mycelial growth exhibited similar ranges of tolerance under the same moisture conditions and temperatures. High degrees of survival during storage accompanied by high percentages of germination under relatively dry conditions suggest that the oospore-pellet inoculum of P. oligandrum can be used for the control of pathogens in soil or a potting mix at high temperatures during a warm season or under greenhouse conditions.



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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24200/jams.vol3iss2pp27-33


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