A Novel Approach to Determine the Efficacy of Control Measures Against Dubas Bug, Ommatissus lybicus de Berg, on Date Palms

A.M. Mokhtar, AM. AI-Mjeni


In order to determine whether pesticide application against Ommatissus lybicus is required, it is necessary to monitor the severity of infestation by the pest. Secondly, if control measures are deemed necessary, then the efficacy of the pesticide application needs to be assessed. Both these parameters can be gauged by counting the number of insects on a leaflet. This method is time-consuming, hazardous and labor-intensive. A new alternative method based on collecting and counting honeydew droplets produced by the insect is described. Water sensitive paper is used to collect and count the droplets. This method is compared with the conventional technique and a significant correlation was found between the two methods. This new method is effective. rapid, less hazardous and saves labor, it has now been adopted to assess the efficacy of control measures.


Agricultural Sciences

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24200/jams.vol4iss1pp1-4


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