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The red palm weevil (RPW) Rhynchophorous ferrugineus (Oliv.) is the most important pest attacking date palm trees. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of drip and flood irrigation on the within-grove distribution of RPW. The current study was started with the first appearance of the infestation to almost disappearance of the infestation. Results showed that more infested trees were detected in plots with flood irrigation. The number of infested trees in these plots represented 89% of the total infested trees. This study suggested that irrigation management and soil moisture are key factors in the dispersion of the RPW infestation and could be used as one of the integrated pest management tools.



Red palm weevil integrated pest management irrigation soil moisture infestation control.

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Aldryhim, Y., & Al-Bukiri, S. (2003). Effect of Irrigation on Within-Grove Distribution of Red Palm Weevil Rhynchophorous ferrugineus. Journal of Agricultural and Marine Sciences [JAMS], 8(1), 47–49. Retrieved from