Prediction of Composition of Broiler Chicken Excreta Using Near-infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy

I. T. Kadim, W. Al-Marzooqi, O. Mahgoub, K. Annamalai


Near-infrared reflectance spectroscopic (NIRS) calibrations were developed for the prediction of the content of dry matter (DM); nitrogen (N), ether extract (EE), neutral detergent fibre (NDF), acid detergent fibre (ADF), gross energy (GE), calcium (Ca) and phosphate (P) in broiler excreta samples. The chemical composition of broiler excreta was determined by the conventional chemical analysis methods in the laboratory and compared with NIRS. Excreta samples (n = 72) were oven dried (60 oC) and analyzed for DM, N, EE, NDF, ADF, GE, Ca and P. The determined values (mean ± SD) were as follows: DM: 31.46 ± 7.65 (range:19.14 - 44.51), N: 5.85 ± 2.88 (range: 4.85 -7.00), EE: 1.37 ± 0.25 (range: 0.88-1.99), ADF: 16.71 ± 1.99 (range: 12.11-19.97), NDF: 26.26 ± 1.63 (range: 22.03-30.21), GE: 15.27 ± 0.33 (range: 14.52-16.11), Ca: 2.57 ± 0.22 (range: 2.16-3.01), P: 1.79 ± 0.15 (range: 1.41-2.11). The samples were then scanned in a NIRS model 5000 analyzer and the spectra obtained for each sample. Calibration equations and prediction values were developed for broiler excreta samples. The software used modified partial least square regression statistic, as it is most suitable for natural products. For broiler excreta samples, the coefficient of determination (R2) and the standard error of prediction (SEP) was DM = 0.97, 1.27, N = 0.95, 0.72, EE = 0.92, 0.07, ADF = 0.87, 0.78, NDF = 0.88, 0.72, GE = 0.89; 0.24, Ca = 0.96, 0.06, P = 0.93, 0.09, respectively. The results indicate that it is possible to calibrate NIRS to predict major constituents in broiler excreta samples.


Spectroscopy, broiler, excreta, calibration, Oman.

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