The Omani Coastal Traditional Sardine Fishery 1994-2007: A Review

Saud Al-Jufaili, Omar S. Al-Jahwari


The Omani coastal fishery is categorized into small pelagics, large pelagics, demersals, shellfishes, and sharks and rays. During the period 1994-2007 the small pelagics contributed 39 and 21% to the total Omani fisheries landings and values respectively. During 1994-2007 sardines alone contributed 76 and 51% to the total small pelagics landings and values, respectively. Al-Batina and Muscat regions contributed the highest to the total landings; among other Omani regions, Musandam, Muscat, and Sharqiya and Al-Wusta regions. Total sardines prices ranges from 114 to 225 Omani Rials per ton depending on where the sardines are coming from. On the other hand, Al-Batina and Muscat regions contributed the most in the total sardine values. Few gonadosomatic index studies indicated two major spawning peaks: a major one occurred during March-April and a minor one in September-October.



Oman, sardine, landings, values, Musandam, Batina, Muscat, Sharqiya, Wusta, Dhofar.

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