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Despite the camel’s long historical interaction with man there is only a limited number of studies available pertaining to the immunobiology of this species. This is unfortunate as the camel has evolved into an animal capable of not only surviving under extreme environmental conditions but also into one that is relatively resistant to a great number of infectious diseases. Accordingly, it is of interest to understand the various components operative in the camel immune system, as a potential basis of manipulating the immune response of other domesticated animals to respond to disease-causing agents in a similarly effective fashion. Recent research endeavors on the complement and phagocytic system, as well as the unique antibody types found in camelids that have seen an explosion of interest in recent times have been reviewed and their potential use as diagnostic and therapeutic tools highlighted.



Camel immune system antibodies leukocytes.

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Johnson, E. H., Al-Habsi, K. R., & Al-Busaidi, R. M. (2013). A Review of Observations Made on Select Parameters of the Camel Immune System. Journal of Agricultural and Marine Sciences [JAMS], 18, 1–6.