Published: Feb 11, 2023

Assessment of aflatoxin B1 content and aflatoxigenic molds in imported food commodities in Muscat, Oman

1–6 Alaa Khamis Sulaiman Al-Alawi, Ahad Ahmed Said Al-Mandhari, Issa Hashil Al-Mahmooli, Majida Mohammad Ali Al-Harrasi, Ismail Mohamed Al-Bulushi, Abdullah Mohammed Al-Sadi, Rethinasamy Velazhahan

Effect of intermittent frying on the stability of vitamins A and D in commercially fortified oils

7-15 Mohamed Al-Khusaibi, Seham Al-Amri, Nasser Al-Habsi, MD. Shafiur Rahman

Evaluation of Several Chromatographic Resins on the Separation of Dates Sugar and their Impact on other Compounds in Dates

Impact of sugar separation by chromatographic resins on other valuable ingredients in dates

16–29 Ahmed Al-Alawi, Siham Al-Shaibi, Wesonga Ronald

Seasonal variations of surface mesozooplankton community structure in the Sea of Oman and the Arabian Sea

30–46 Saud Salim Al Busaidi, Michel René Claereboudt

Evaluation of the Intestinal Bacterial Community of Local Omani and Cobb 500 Broiler Chickens Raised in an Open-Sided House Using 16S rDNA-Based Analysis

47–61 Waleed Al-Marzooqi, Mai A S Al-Balushi, Yasmin El Tahir, Muhammad N Asi, Hani M. El-Zaiat, Mohammed A Al-Abri, Kaadhia Al-Kharousi

Comparative Study of Ultrastructural Observations on Blood Cells of Local Omani and Cobb 500 Broiler Chickens

Ultrastructural Observations on Blood Cells of Two Strains of Chickens.

62–69 Waleed Al-Marzooqi, Shadha K. Al-Aufi, Haytham Ali, Hani M. El-Zaiat, Kaadhia Al-Kharousi, Salma R. Al-Adwani, Yasmin El Tahir, Abdulrahman Al Nabhani, Mohamed A. Al Kindi

Storage Study on Tomato, Pumpkin, and Ginger Composite Vegetable Squash

Storage study on Vegetable squash

70–76 Seyida Afreen Seyid Mohamed Moulana, Premakumar, lakmali, lakmali, Senaratna