Published: Jun 5, 2017

Effect of Spacing on Seed Yield of Indigenous Rangeland and Forage Grass Species Grown under Drip Irrigation

1-8 Saleem K. Nadaf, Safaa M. Al-Farsi, Saleh A. Al-Hinai, Abdul Aziz S. Al-Harthi, Ahmed N. Al-Bakri

Pesticide Resistance in Stored-Product Insects and Alternative Biorational Management: A Brief Review

9-15 Farid Talukder

Revenue Determinants for Abu-Dhabi Fishermen and Assessment of Input Allocative Efficiency

17-25 Sherin A. Sherif, Mohamed S. Gheblawi

Density Variation of Different Shaped Food Particulates in Fluid Bed Drying: Empirical Models

27-34 Wiji Senadeera

Transport Modeling Analysis to Test the Efficiency of Fish Markets in Oman

35-40 Khamis S. Al-Abri, Hemesiri Kotagama, Andrew Palfreman, Houcine Boughanmi

Adoption of E-Commerce in the Agricultural and Fisheries Business Sector in Oman

41-47 Zahra Al-Busaidi, Hemesiri Kotagama1, Houcine Boughanmi, Sunil Dharmapala, John Waelti

Bioactive Compounds from Omani Sea Cucumbers

49-53 Sergey Dobretsov, Iman Mohammed Al-Mammari, Bassam Soussi