Published: Jun 5, 2017

The Omani Coastal Traditional Sardine Fishery 1994-2007: A Review

1-12 Saud Al-Jufaili, Omar S. Al-Jahwari

Changes in Scomberotoxin (Histamine) and Volatile Amine (TVB-N) Formation in Longtail Tuna (Thunnus tonggol) Stored at Different Temperatures

13-22 Moza Abdallah Al-Busaidi, Poulose Yesudhason, Khamis Saif Al-Falahi, Adel Khalifa Al-Nakhaili, Nashwa Ali Al-Mazrooei, Saoud Hamood Al-Habsi

Fish Kill Incidents and Harmful Algal Blooms in Omani Waters

23-33 Hamed Mohammed Al Gheilani, Kazumi Matsuoka, Abdulaziz Yahya AlKindi, Shehla Amer, Colin Waring

Treatment of Monogenic Parasites in Imported Hybrid Mono Sex Red Tilapia Fries (Oreochromis SPP) in the Sultanate of Oman

35-40 Aly M. Mahmoud, Adel N.Z. Gindy

The In Vitro Activity of a Range of Natural Bioflavonoids Against Five Species of Pathogenic Fish Bacteria

41-50 Gil Ha Yoon, Sarah Al Jufaili, Aliya Al Ghabshi, Nashwa Al Mazrooei

Old Ways in a Changing Space: The Issue of Camel Pastoralism in Dhofar


Hematophagous Flies in Dhofar (Sultanate of Oman): A Limiting Factor and a Potential Pathogenic Vector


Relationship Between Body Composition and Performance of Local Turkey

75-81 Rafh Mohammed Taher Khuleel