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This research aims to address the context of Art Criticism in the Sultanate of Oman by investigating and analyzing written criticism. The significance of the current research is that it summarizes the reasons behind the absence of a critical movement in the area of Fine Arts in Oman. This research tries to gather and review the writings in art criticism in order to propose improvement and project a future vision of the field. This research uses historical methods to trace the writings on art criticism, and descriptive analytical methods to describe and analyze the forms and contents of the critical writings that guided the fine art movement in Oman. This research proposes some recommendations such as the importance of promoting the culture of art criticism in Oman. Particularly, the study suggests that a group be formed to promote and disseminate the culture of the Visual Arts. It is also recommended that general and impressionistic writings on fine arts be avoided and replaced by more systematic and academically rigorous writings. The study recommended that both the researcher and the critic should be given more attention and that the media should play a role in promoting fine arts criticism by broadcasting specialized programs in this area. These programs should be presented by expert art critics. The study also recommends that fine art criticism be emphasized in fine art classes in schools in order to create a generation that is capable of appreciating and critiquing art.



Art Criticism Fine Arts Movement Written Criticism Art Criticism Difficulties Sultanate of Oman.

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