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In this study, we try to look at the Child’s Rights Act from a sociological angle by discussing the social and organizational infrastructure and the challenges faced and how to provide a suitable environment to fulfill/ implement the articles of the Child’s Rights Act taking into consideration the characteristics of the Omani society. The study covered the five following aspects: The regulatory frameworks to protect children by conducting a historical constructive analysis, classifying the contents of the Child’s Rights Act and explaining the articles meant to protect and take care of children in Omani Laws and Legislations either in the regulatory frameworks or in the implementation procedures, the observation of the real life of Omani children, the main challenges and how to address them, and finally the real life of handicapped children. The study concluded that the Omani Laws Legislations paved the way to implement some changes to grant and ensure child’s rights, whereas we – in Oman – are faced with challenges related to the implementation of the legislations concerning children and their parents. In addition, some families are faced with challenges that prevent them from playing their role as effective social institutions to protect their children. Also, some social institutions such as Education and Media face other challenges related to child’s rights.



Key Words Child’s Rights Act Legislations of Child Rights Implementing Procedures and Social Organizations

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