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This study aimed to identify the social responsibility (SR) and its relationship with some environmental variables in a sample of students from the University of Jordan where the study sample consisted of (420) male and female Departments of Social Work and the Economy at the University of Jordan. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher developed a measure of social responsibility. The researcher used means, standard deviation, and t-test in order to answer the questions of this study. The results indicated that the level of social responsibility was moderate on the scale as a whole. The results showed statistically significant differences in the degree of social responsibility due to the variable of specialization, student’s educational secondary school background, the practice by students of voluntary work, the practice by parents of voluntary work, and place of family residence. The results showed that propposed there were no significant differences due to the variable of sex on the overall scale. The study some recommendations based on the results and discussion



Social responsibility university students voluntary work environmental factors

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