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This study aimed to examine self-esteem among orphan students in Jerusalem’s suburbian schools and identify the correlations between this situation and some variables such as gender, age, and academic achievement (in terms of grades). The study’s population consisted of a sample of (73) orphans, using a questionnaire of (37) items covering various aspects of the study. The results of the study showed no differences in the concept of self-esteem among orphan students attributed to the gender variable, except for the orphans’ perception of the future, and in favor of males. The results also showed absence of differences due to the variable of age, and the variable of (i.e. father, mother or both). The results also showed that there are statistically significant differences missed parent in the orphan students’ concept of self-esteem attributed to the variable of academic achievement (in terms of grades), favoring the highest average, 85-100.



Orphan deprived of parents.

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