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This paper examines the potential benefit of developing children’s mental capacities through art (painting, music, crafts, and visual perception). The paper shows that art can be properly used with different age groups. The art work of 11 year old children can be analyzed to discover their intellectual capacities and psychological traits. The study recommends that parents and educators study the problems that face Arab children in general and Omani children in particular through the use of arts. This paper also looks into the various ways of developing cognitive and practical skills of special needs students and how to communicate with them through arts and through the modes of communication these children use to interact with the world. The study also investigates the possibility of performing some of these arts according to the type of disability. The study is based on the main international academic models used in this area to enhance children’s artistic abilities. The paper highlights the psychological stages children go through and the impact on these children’s mental, educational and behavioral development. The problems that some children face should be properly dealt with through providing such children with training in various types of arts under the supervision of a specialist.



Visual arts art analysis and synthesis mental perception of arts.

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