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The aim of this study is to identify administrative challenges that negatively affect the proper functioning of charity organizations in Oman. The study also seeks to suggest some general methods which can be used to confront these challenges. The study is conducted on a sample of charity organizations’ staff consisting of 209 workers, in addition to 15 managers in eight organizations working in five governorates: Muscat, Batinah North, Al-Sharqia North, Al-Dakhelia, and Dhofar. The study identified the following challenges which charity organizations in Oman face in varying degrees: administrative planning, organization, staffing, supervision, records and reporting, budgeting and financing, coordination, leadership, decision making and organizations’ environment. The study shows that between 15–25% of the respondents in the selected charity organizations think that there are no real challenges facing the charity organizations they work for. The study proposes some recommendations that can help in facing such challenges. These include a suggestion that there should be organized efforts made by the charity organizations themselves and also by educational and social institutions.



Administrative Challenges Charity Organizations Omani society

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