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The importance of “study skills” has been increasingly emphasized by several researchers particularly at the university level where the student is independent and bears the responsibility of his/her own learning. Relevant research findings have indicated that positive changes in academic achievement are attributable to the various study skills possessed by the learners as relevant to the learning process. This study aims to investigate differences in “study skills” among a sample of SQU students in light of some variables. The measurement tool for the present research is a study skills measure that has been prepared and validated through factorial validity, and its reliability established through the Alpha Chronbach’s equation. Results show that there are no significant differences attributable to gender or the specialty area in the dimensions of the study skills investigated (study competencies, concentration during study, academic persistence, and readiness for exams). Further, the results also show no significant differences between the students of low and high GPA in the dimension of academic persistence. However, the results reveal significant differences between the students of low and high GPA in the dimensions of study competencies, concentration during study, and readiness for exams. These significant differences were in favor of the students of high GPA.



Study Skills Learning Process Study Skills Measurement

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