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This study aims to identify how Arab press deals with issues of tolerance and ways of addressing the Other. The study traces this theme in some of the major Arab daily newspapers inside and outside the Arab world. These newspapers are: Al-Ahram, Al- Riyadh, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, and Al-Hayat. The study argues that the media alone do not create the image or even attempt to change it. In fact, there are other institutions that strive to do this. In all societies, there are institutions that actually provide the raw material which is then used to form the desired stereotypical image of individuals, societies, countries, and institutions. The media then seize this material, forge it and integrate it with framed media packages that are then used as ready-made recipes to produce, alter or reinforce these stereotypes in which the Other is always an embedded element. The study recommends that Arab media need to develop awareness among Arab citizens through enhancing positive principles and values that contribute to the social cohesion of the society. They also need to stress the issue of identity and encourage an active role of individuals in issues of common social interest. They need to promote a culture of acceptance of the Other, however different that Other might be.



Mass Media Tolerance Dialogue Media Discourse.

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