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This  paper aims to shed light on aspects† of innovation in† the thought of Hassan Hanafi in his readings of† Religious DiscourseÆ For the purpose of this paper¨ innovation means the areas in which Hanafi challenged traditional readingsÆ The aim of the paper is to show that innovation in Hanafi’s thought essentially implies a Whole project of†re reading Islamic heritage to humanize it and to adopt a phenomenological approach for the study¨ analysis and reading of religious textsÆ The paper shows that critiquing this project is not easily Applicable In addition¨ it is difficult to strip religious texts of their sacrednessÆ The paper also shows that the project will always remain relative because it is not possible to bring the entire Islamic heritage under the scrutiny of this critical and restructuring projectÆ


Hasan Hanafi Religious Discourse Phenomenological

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