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The study aims to explore the perspectives of Omani viewers on the role of Omani mass media in the political socialization process. The study uses a questionnaire with a sample of 300 respondents, divided into six categories: academics, members of the Council of Oman, media specialists, administrators in the public and private sectors, political and military leaders, and university students. The results of this exploratory study show that respondents generally rate mass media as the first institution of political socialization. The reason for this result may be attributed to the ability of mass media to influence and shape political views, due to their wide coverage and diversity of content. The results also indicate that forming intellectual and political perspectives represents the primary role of institutions concerned with political socialization. With respect to the various manifestations of political socialization practices, the results show that the elections are the main embodiment of such political socialization practices. This can perhaps be attributed to the citizens’ interest in the political process and their active participation in the elections. The results also show some differences in the views of the respondents regarding the role of the Omani mass media in political socialization.



Omani media Political socialization Audience attitudes

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