Job Satisfaction of Public Relations Practitioners at Saudi Arabia Hospitals ( A Survey Study)

Hatem Alawnah, Abdullah Alenezy


The aim of this study is to identify the degree of job satisfaction among practitioners of public relations in Saudi Arabia hospitals. This aim is best achieved through studying the relationship between the degree of job satisfaction and certain demographic variables, that include: gender, academic qualifications, level of experience and hospital category. Furthermore, the study aims to examine the views of top hospital administrators towards the nature of public relations in their institutions , and the obstacles facing these departments based on the views expressed by the sample population of the study. The sample consisted of (155) practitioners of public relations in private and public hospitals. The study adopts the survey method. The study concludes that salary satisfaction is the most important factor in job satisfaction, and that 91% of the practitioners of public relations are males. Also it concludes that more than half of the practitioners of public relations in Saudi Arabia hospitals have from 1 – 5 year experience, and that the third of these public relations practitioners have a salary that ranges 6000-8000 SR. It also shows that more than third of them have nothing to do with public relations in terms of their expertise and experience.



Public Relations, Job Satisfaction, demographic variables

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