The Role of Yemenis in the Berber Revolution in Morocco during the Umayyad Era «122-132 AH / 739-749 AD»

Saeed Naji Ghalib Qaid Iskander


This research aims to highlight the role of Yemenis in the revolution of the Berbers that erupted at the beginning of the third decade of the second century AH / eighth century AD, and involved most of the parts of Morocco. The study examined the conditions that contributed to the involvement of Yemenis in that revolution, and then traced and monitored their roles in it. The study relied, on the whole, on in-depth reading of the sources that made the foundation of this research. The results show that Yemenis took up varied and diverse roles. Some were supporters and contributed effectively to this revolution. While others remained in support of the Umayyad Caliphate, and made great efforts to quell the revolution.



Revolution, Yemenis, Berber, Morocco, Umayyad

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