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Fads appear and spread quickly among adolescents in most societies. Such problem reflects different types of unstable behavior such as clothing, speech, and language. These kinds of behavior spread as a result of electronic culture and satellites where it grows and spreads, then deceases and new ones start afterwards. This problem has different effects on teenagers themselves and the societies in which they live. It could prevent them from performing many religious and social duties. It also leads to different unfavorable results. The present study aims to identify the different aspects of the problem and its causes. It develops a suggested program from the Perspective of Rational Emotional Behavior Therapy to cope with the problem. Consistent with the goal of the study, the author uses descriptive study framework using the social sample survey method. The total sample consisted of 100 (70 teenager and 30 parents). The results show that there were many types of behavior such as using bracelets which is used for “good luck”. Teenagers also use strange language, make up for males, and exchange males and females behavior. The results show, many problems related to family, the person himself and the society. Finally the author presents a suggested program to deal with such problems.



Rational Emotional Behavior Fads teenager electronic culture

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