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The paper aims to evaluate the programme of Higher Diploma in Medical Librarianship offered by the Department of Information Studies, Sultan Qaboos University, in the light of the professional competences approved by the Medical Library Association (MLA). The process covers the offered courses and their instructors, labs and existing sources of information in this area. The study is based on surveys conducted to identify the competences and specifications of medical librarians as defined by medical informatics professional associations. It has applied the analytic, descriptive approach to assessing the programme’s course descriptions and the extent to which the courses conform to the professional competences mentioned above. The findings suggest that the courses have achieved 94.11% of such competences. Recommendations have been made as to ways and means of programme improvement and applicability in other information studies departments in the Arab world. professional competence,



Medical Libraries Medical Library Association (MLA) Higher Diploma in Medical Librarianship Programme

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