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The current study debates some of the traditional granted issues among Arab grammar scholars in Al-ManSubat section ( باب†الْمَنْصوبات†) in general, and in the Causative Object ( الْمَفْعول†لَِجْلِه†) in particular. As such, the current study is based on a preliminary exploration for what is to be truly called ( الْمَفْعولِ†لَِجْلِه†). The study then turns to negate the attribute of the Objectivity ( الْمَفْعولِيَّة†) on the Causative Object ( الْمَفْعول†لَِجْلِه†) or other than the Direct Object ( المفعول†به†). Then, the study examines, using the available evidences, the accuracy of the grammarians claims of the psychological condition that have been stipulated by them for الْمَفْعول†لَِجْلِه†. In doing so, the study presents some opinions of the early and contemporary grammarians in this matter. The study clarifies that the Causal Causative Object ( الْمَفْعول†لَِجْلِه†السَّبَبِيّ†) is the only type that the psychological condition applies to. As for the Purposeful Causative Object ( الْمَفْعولِ†لَِجْلِه†الْغَرَضِيّ†), it must be a Treatment Infinitive not a psychological one.



Objects (al-maf’ulat) causative object conditions of causative object psychological infinitive treatment infinitive.

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