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This paper presents the threats to the archaeological heritage in the Sultanate of Oman which play a major role in the destruction of this heritage and its different values. It aims at drawing the attention of both the public and governmental bodies to these threats in order to reduce or minimize their impacts. To achieve this goal, the paper presents the most important of these threats and provides examples of cases that have been directly or indirectly subject to the impact of such factors in different regions of Oman. This was based on the data available from some archaeological sites that have been damaged or have been subject to surveys or rescue excavations. The paper shows that there are many human and natural factors that have impact on this heritage. Human factors are the largest and most serious of these threats in which urbanization and human development projects are in the forefront. This may lead to the loss of many values of the archaeological heritage, particularly the identity. Ultimately, the paper provides some recommendations that could contribute to enhancing the awareness of the importance of preserving the Sultanate›s archaeological heritage.



Archaeological heritage heritage protection human threats natural threats Oman.

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