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Dhofar region in southern Oman possesses a wealth of livestock. This wealth is managed traditionally by different Dhofari groups in a distinct landscape and ecological conditions. By the seventies, development addressed all aspects of live in the Sultanate. Education turned out to be a prime objective in development plans. In Dhofar, young generations of pastoralists found their way into education. It is known that the route of education starts directly from primary school level to the university level. Consequently, theoretical university education detach and disengage young Dhofaris from their forefathers’ traditional profession and most of all their wealth. Dhofar’s livestock is unequivocally a national wealth that needs to be invested and developed by young Dhofari generations, trained in modern scientific management in order to investment in Dhofar’s livestock . Therefore, it is a call for a focused education and training to address the potential of the region and its wealth. The paper attempts to draw attention to a situation which is taking place in Dhofar region and proposes certain recommendations.



Dhofar livestock wealth traditional pastoralists theoretical university education impact.

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