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In view of the inability of many specialized studies and research to solve the complex problems of human societies due to their limited and narrow areas, it has become necessary to re-consider the principles of knowledge management, the distribution of knowledge in specialized, scientific disciplines, and its dissemination and ways of research. Therefore, this study aims to examine the attitudes faculty members of the College of Education have towards interdisciplinary studies. It also attempts to show the statistical significance (α =0.05) between faculty members’ attitudes toward interdisciplinary studies based on gender and years of experience. The study aims to determine as well the disciplines that faculty members of the College of Education want to research interdisciplinarily. This study adopted the use of the descriptive approach through the development of a questionnaire that included (48) items. The validity and reliability of the questionnaire were estimated using the Chronbach-Alpha reliability coefficient which was (0.898). The results of the study showed that the highest degree of trends among faculty members in the College of Education toward interdisciplinary research was recorded in favor of collaborative research, followed by the desire to conduct interdisciplinary research, then the importance of interdisciplinary research, and finally the implementation of interdisciplinary research. The results also show that there were no statistically significant differences according to the gender of the sample and their number of years of experience. Based on these results, many recommendations and suggestions were proposed.



Interdisciplinary research classification of sciences College of Education Attitudes

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