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This study aimed at identifying the reality of quality management in twenty Jordanian media institutions with respect to the type of media outlet, and its size along with its ownership. Divided into six essential dimensions, this study identified the features of internal processes in those media institutions as follows: institutional selforganization; training and professional qualification; editorial policies along with newsroom management; media independency, media questioning; and sustainable improvement, development, and updating the infrastructure and means of production. The study adopted an analytical and descriptive approach. As the instrument of the study, a sampling survey, designed based on the related literature of the quality of service sector, and that of performance and media professionalism, measured sixty-four minor indicators, covering those six dimensions. The sample included interviews --three interviews were carried out in every institution. By way of concluding, this study revealed a decline in most indicators applying quality. In particular, among the most applicable quality dimensions were developing and updating the infrastructure structure and the means of production, and finally institutional self-organization. On the other hand, the lowest applicable dimensions were independency, editorial policies and newsroom management.


Jordanian Media Quality Management.

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