Gauging The Hospitality Industry’s Awareness and Commitment to Sustainability Practices: The Case of the Hospitality Industry in Muscat

Robyn Byrne, Mohamed Abdul-Ghani


Oman is an emerging destination for green tourism, its slogan “beauty has an address”, illuminates its attempt to brand itself as a destination for unique, cultural and environmental attractions. Oman’s heritage is promoted along-side its natural beauty. As the hospitality sector in the capital city “Muscat” plans to expand and scale up its demographic to attract more high-end tourists as well as the overall volume of tourists it welcomes, this study aims (1) to explore to what degree hotels in the capital city “Muscat” recognizes the environmental impacts of their economic choices, (2) to determine which of the numerous environmental considerations are most widely adopted, and finally, (3) to highlight some perspectives from policy makers and major tourism stakeholders in Oman about current sustainability trends and future goals regarding environmental management. While the Sultanate has conducted a number of government studies of general tourism statistics, more effort is being exerted to ambitiously bring international tourists ‘attention to visit Oman. Given the paucity of literature on tourism in Oman, and Omani government’s commitment to a sustainable path of development, this study seeks to supplement the existing work on “green” and “environmentally conscious” tourism by focusing on this country of great and ambitious sustainable tourism development plans with applications on its capital city “Muscat” growing hospitality industry.



Sustainability, Hospitality Industry, Green Practices, Sultanate of Oman

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