Criminal arbitration in the Saudi system Tasilah study

Nehad Farouk Abbas


Arbitration is generally an old idea, appear in our time in several kindsof them civil arbitration is the first to appear, and trade which is recognized by the several official forms and taking Msmyate in arbitration centers, whether local, regional or international, and arbitration managing a modern areas, and keeps talking about Criminal arbitration, a field of push and pull in his presence, and legitimacy, and it was our interest in the subject, because the criminal sphere of thorny areas that do not gain from the writer wrote an important purpose, and whatever thousand is fertile ground and appointed inexhaustible. As criminal Arbitration many imperatives that require his presence, and the text it systems, and work by applying the rules of legitimacy to the necessities of the conduct of life among the people easily, cooperation and reconciliation, in particular, that the scope and resources mentioned in numerous surgeries and Alerosh is estimated religiously as will be described in the study, most notably the false mentioning al-Hakim And the importance of the recent subject of arbitration in the criminal field, and touches important aspects of life, and what it requires from the application of the provisions and principles of justice, and its importance in reducing the burden on the modern judiciary, I wanted to contribute interested in the topic in the study of the scarcity of studies that have raised the subject.



Arbitration, criminal, judge, court, justice, an arbitrator

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