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Environmental damage is of a significant importance and a special nature, and therefore the general rules found in the Jordanian civil law cannot be adequate to estimate the value of compensation for damage caused by environmental pollution. The Jordanian legislator did not address in the Environment Protection Act No. 52 of 2006, the issue of compensation for environmental damage. This act only included some preventive and remedial measures with regard to environmental pollution. Thus, the general rules of the Jordanian Civil Law No 43, 1976 are usually referred to in relevant disputes. The Legislator addressed some of the issues related to environmental damage in the Aqaba Economic Zone Act No. 32 of 2000. To show the extent of adequacy of these rules, the researcher will first define and describe the nature of environmental damage and then the provisions of compensation for environmental damage will be discussed.



Environmental damage physical damage moral damage environmental pollution environmental degradation compensation

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