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Water appears in modern Arabic poetry as a semantically distinguished and rich structural component where meanings expand and ideas flow. And this, in turn, enriches the poet’s imagination and fulfils his desire to depict his life experience using creative visions. This study aims to examine the poetics of water in the work of the Omani poet Awadh Al- Luweihi, namely his collection of poems entitled “Running Water Betrays the Puddles” which explicitly embodies the contemporary poet’s ability to open new poetic horizons in which rich vocabulary provides texts with new connotations that enjoy an obvious intellectual dimension, and mature artistic craft which creates images and different themes and connotations. The poet’s reliance on the concept of “water” in composing his poetry shows the impact of this poetic theme and its role in the understanding of the poetic self and the ability of portraying life with all its contrasts.



Awadh Al- Weihi water poetics poems Oman.

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