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The study aimed to identify the relationship of social, economic and psychological factors to the domestic violence against children in the region of Jawf Saudi Arabia. The study sample consisted of 150 educational advisors in the public schools. The study showed that there is a statistically significant relationship to social and psychological factors in physical, psychological and negligence violence against children in the region of Jawf Saudi Arabia, while economic factors showed insignificant effect. The most important implications of violence against children are as follow: Lack of self-confidence, introverted and not responding to any exciting, anxiety, fear, appearance neglect, aggression, desire for revenge, stubbornness, various injuries because of the lack of care and supervision, isolation, insecurity, hatred, shame, and smoking cigarettes. The study recommended proper family upbringing methods based on democracy compatible with our Islamic religion instead of the authoritarian upbringing methods in order to avoid the practice of domestic violence against children.


Socialization Process Domestic Violence Social Factors

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