Female Life Expectancy Rates and Factors Affecting them: An Analytical-Quantitative Study

Mohamed Zarrouk


This paper explores the question of identity, in terms of self and historical construction in a sample of Omani women’s novel, by looking specifically at the ways the narratives focused on the local and the borrowed, the free and slave, the tribal and non- tribal and articulated their vision of their individual selves, their actions and established relationships resulting from of their historical circumstances. The research focuses on the narrative viewpoint, on the way the speaking subject self-seeing and its focalization, on the narrator view of the other, be it different or similar. The resources from which the research started are structured on feminine identities that have a standpoint from their historical evolution and from the formation of their identities. It also has an attitude. about the other whether it is different in terms of gender, race or descent.


identity, focalization, speaking subject, narration

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24200/jass.vol8iss3pp71-80


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