Visions of Sultan Qaboos University Students Regarding the Work System:A Field Study on a Sample of Students who Expected to Graduate in 2013

Asila AL-Zarei


The aim of current study is to identify what visions those students are expecting to graduate and soon enter the labor market have regarding work systems in the light of changes in Omani society. It also aims to investigate the compatibility of these visions with modern work requirements. A questionnaire, containing qualitative and quantitative questions, was distributed among (230) students (both males and females) who expected to graduate in 2013. Results showed that participants agreed that job advertisement must include job title, financial degree, and its requirements. In addition, work systems must respect society’s traditions, provide appropriate specialization, provide training for staff according to an annual plan, allow overtime during working days or holidays, double overtime work wage, and avoid preference in work wage according to gender, race, or religion. Results also showed that more than half of the study sample prefers working in the public sector rather than the private sector or entrepreneurship, and there is a duality in students’ visions regarding work systems between traditional orientations and modern orientations.


Vision; Work Systems; Work Environment

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