Breaking desire : a study of the use of metaphorin Mohamed al-Yehyai `s novel Hawd al shahawat

Besma Arous


This study aims to examine the use of metaphor and its role in revealing the deep and hidden messages in Mohamed Al-Yehyai’s novel “ Hawd al-Shahawat “(Desire Basin). Analyzing the metaphors in their contexts leads to a deeper understanding of the relation between them and the “personal myth” and other concepts such as the collective unconscious and collective myth. These metaphors are pertinent in the novel and are used very effectively to connect various components and strengthen its heterogeneity and narrative continuity. Analysis of the metaphor of ‘Basin’ reveals that the use of metaphor is the appropriate approach to reach an in-depth interpretation of the text.


psycho; criticism; mythe personnel; metaphors; obsedante

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