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There are very few multinational organizations that have achieved business excellence in the Islamic countries despite the fact that many wealthy investors and entrepreneurs are residing in these countries. The current conceptual study aims to explore the conceptual framework for achieving business excellence, especially in the Omani business dynamics where Islamic values are integrated with Leadership attributes. This study institutes a conceptual framework for improving business excellence of multinational organizations with the help of Islamic leadership. It is a blend of empirical and theoretical review. Empirical review has been presented to study the correlation between four critical success factors (CSFs) and business excellence of multinational organizations. Then analysis of literature has been carried out to build a nexus between Islamic leadership and four CSFs of business excellence. The conceptual framework adds to the body of knowledge by developing a framework that explains how Islamic leadership attributes are vital for CSFs and then how these CSFs can predict business excellence, based upon the empirical review. Thus, the conceptual framework distinguishes itself from the state-of-the-art literature by establishing applied relationships between the independent variables (Islamic leadership attributes) and the dependent variables (CFSs for business excellence). This conceptual model will provide a foundation for future empirical researches to test the proposed framework in non-contrived settings to conclude empirical authentication.

Keywords: Islamic leadership; Business excellence; Multinational organizations; Critical success factors (CSFs).


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