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This research tries to present a critical analysis of the concept of scientific causality and the problems it entails within the scientific domain.  This study claims that scientific causality is not enough to understand the nature of relationships existing among the members of a chain and it is concerned with the possible action of correspondence apart from the context of action. It is argued here that all types of scientific causality fail to reflect the flexible nature of members of any possible correlation. This paper offers the concept "contextual causality" as a possible alternative perspective that reflects both the variable and elastic nature of the elements of correlation and discusses the relationship between the context and the process of correlation.  The introduction of the concept of contextual causality raises new metaphysical and epistemological issues that can be solved from the perspective of structural idealism. 

Keyword: Causality, Contextualism, Structuralism, Structural Idealism, Linear Causality, Epistemology.

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