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Due to the rapid dissemination of COVID-19, the public community has begun following social media as a main source of health-related information daily due to the grave, life-threatening implications on patients’ health. The current study aims to (1) detect socio-demographic differences, knowledge of COVID-19 symptoms and general health, and social media trust among youth; (2) determine the degree of using social media and traditional media among youth; and (3) examine the relationship between using social media to track COVID-19 news (symptoms, general health knowledge, and social media trust) and the degree of using social media. This is a cross-sectional study conducted among 663 Kuwaiti youth from all governorates in Kuwait. A self-administrated questionnaire consisted of demographic information and variables related to using social and traditional media to receive information about COVID-19. Findings detect that females and older youth participants show higher COVID-19 general health knowledge and more trust in social media. Males reported highest in following Satellite TV channels, and Instagram as sources of health information. The youngest age group reported a greater use of social media in general. The primary social media platform for following the news is Twitter, with Kuwait TV being the main source of traditional media.

Keywords: Social Media; Health Information; Coronavirus; Youth; Kuwait.



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