Published: Aug 4, 2017

Modern Transformations in the Urban Social Structure in Muscat City

5-20 Belgacem Mokhtar

The Administrative Challenges Facing Charity Organizations and Methods of Confronting Them: A Study on a Sample of Omani Charity Organizations

21-49 Magdy Mohamad Mostafa

Differences in “Study Skills” Among a Sample of SQU Students in Light of Some Variables

51-65 Hilal Zahir Al-Nabhani, Ahmed Mohamed Shabeeb

The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Supporting Social Welfare Services in the Omani Society: Necessities and Provisions

67-82 Abd El Rahman Sofy, Mahmoud Mahmoud Erfan

Interests of Sultan Qaboos University Students “A Comparative Study Based on Gender and Specialty Area”

83-103 Osama Saad Abosree, Mahmoud Mohamed Ibrahim, Hilal Bin Zahir Al Nabhani

Knowledge Sharing Among Industrial Enterprises in the Sultanate of Oman

105-122 Khalsa Abdullah Al-Barashdi, Mohammed Nasser Al-Suqri

Tolerance and Ways of Addressing the Other in Arab Press: An Analytical Study of Some Arab Daily Newspapers between 2011 - 2012

123-164 Magdy Mohamed Abdel Jawad Al Dagher

The Effect of Job Difficulties on The Quality of Academic Performance of Faculty Members in Sultan Qaboos University

165-189 Naifa Eid Saleem