Published: Aug 4, 2017

The Question of “Death” in Three Stories: A Comparative Study

5-17 Ehsan Sadiq Mohammed Al Lawati

The Intellectual and Technological Dimensions of Virtual Reality and Its Effectiveness in Drawing and Painting

19-29 Shereen Matook Alharazy

The Competence of the Judicial Authority in Deciding the Validity of Parliamentary Membership

31-46 Faysal shatnawy

The impact of governmental efforts in the fight against corruption, and citizen’s satisfaction with the government’s performance on the participation of citizens in the social movement (Alherak) in Jordan

47-60 Khawla Alhasan, Diab Al badayneh

Assessing the Status of Drought Using Remote Sensing: An empirical study in the Western areas of the Taif district in Saudi Arabia

61-74 Halima Ibrahim Ali Al-Zwbaidi

Administrative Detention and Its Objective and Procedural Warrantees: A Study of the Jordanian Law

75-96 Saleem Hatamla

The Social Aspects of the Language Varieties in the Contemporary Omani Society: A Sociolinguistic Study

97-110 Mohammed Bin Salem Mashani

An Analytical Study of the Pedagogical Views of Carl Czerny Dedicated for Piano Performing Skills

111-120 Rami Haddad, Nabil Al - Darras

A Linguistic Study of Contemporary Efforts of Arabic Spelling (Orthography) System

121-133 Mohammed Abu Eid

Evaluation of Higher Diploma in Medical Librarianship Programme offered by SQU Department of Information Studies in the Light of the Professional Competences Approved by MLA

135-147 Sabah Mohammed Kallow