Published: Aug 4, 2017

The Legal Regulation of Compensation for Consequential Damage in the Jordanian Civil Legislation

299-313 Ibraheim Saleh Al Sarairah

The Provisions of the Provisional Attachment Imposed on the Vessel According to the Jordanian Law: An Analytical Comparative Study

315-335 Khalid Al-Samamah, Anis Al-Mansour

The Other’s Image in Arabic Feminist Narrative

337-345 Nizar Qbilat, Awni El-Faouri

Omani Folk Tales: Anthropological Approach to Understand Social Culture Meanings

347-371 Aida Fouad Elnabalawi

Egyptian Revolution and Its Impact on Work Values Among A Sample of Teachers in Assiut Governorate

373-394 Ahmed Kamal Abd Elwahab ElBahnasawy

The Role of Social Communication Networks in Constructing Public Opinion among Students at Saudi Arabian Universities (Umm AlQura University as a model)

395-425 Osamah Ghazi Almadani

The Role of Open Art Studio in Encouraging University Students to Practice Art Activities

427-429 Fakhriya Al-Yahyai, Salman Alhajr, Mohammed Al-Amri, Badar Al-mamari, Wissem Abdelmoula

The Effect of Camel in the Arabic Criticism Discourse

441-458 Asem “Mohmad Amen” Bani amer

The Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Skills of School Principals in Al-Ramtha District

459-476 Mariam Abd-Alrahman Ibrahim, Bani- Hani, Abd Al-Aal, Mohammad Saleh

A Proposed Social Work Generalist Practice Perspective Approach to Developing Mechanisms for Raising Women’s Awareness of Voluntary Work

477-506 Emad Farouk Saleh

The Representation of Masculinity and its Reflections in the Short Narrative Discourse of Badriya Al-Beshr

507-527 Nidal Al-Shamali

Text Grammar in Saad Maslouh’s Writing

529-553 Abdel Salam El-Sayed Hamed