Published: Aug 4, 2017

Using Soft Systems Methodology in Social Sciences: Improvement of the Research Methods Module at the Department of Information Studies at Sultan Qaboos University as an example

5-15 Nabhan AlHarrasi

Obstacles Faced by Social Workers in Trying to Benefit from Other Sciences Related to Social Service during their Professional Practice in Schools

17-29 Abdel Rahman Sofy Osman, Mohamed Mohamed Elsherbiny, Mohammed Nasser Al-Saqri

Social and Cultural Dimensions of Genetic Blood Diseases An Anthropological study in the Omani Society

31-52 Aida Fouad Al Niblaoi, Sultan Mohammed Al Hashemi

Faculty Members’ Attitudes Toward Interdisciplinary Studies in the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University

53-67 Wajeha Thabit Al-Ani

The Logic Behind the Classification of Sciences in the Arab-Islamic Classification Systems: with the Modern Western Classification Systems An Analytical Comparative Reading

69-78 Nahed Mohamad Basyoni Salem

Engineering Programs and Social Sciences at Sultan Qaboos University: Presentation of Experience and Trends

79-90 Ahmed Yousef, Haj Bordosen

Between Jurisprudence and Grammar: Old Trends and Modern Visions

91-104 Khaled Al Kindi

Wife Abuse in the Omani Society: An Interdisciplinary Psycho-social Study

105-113 Manal Khasib Hamdan Al Fazari

The Relationship between Ecology and Law: Methodology for the Adoption of Scientific Standards for Pollution and their Application in Algerian Environmental Law

115-122 Ouinas yahia

Barriers to Interdisciplinary Studies in the Social Sciences: A Field Study

123-139 Mohammed Sayid Bayoumy

The Specialization of Information Science and its Relationship with other Specializations: The Experience of the Department of Information Studies at Sultan Qaboos University

141-154 Khalfan Zahran Hamed Al Hijji, Khaled Ateeq Saeed Abdullah

Interdisciplinary Researches and the Progress of Human Societies in the New Millennium: Practical Experiences and Futuristic Options

155-165 Hany Khamis Abdo

Aesthetic Values the Color Blue Prevailing on the Ottoman Ceramic Artifacts: A Study in Islamic Heritage and the Arts

167-194 Rehab Elnahas

Psychological Assessment and Guidance of Thoughts, Emotions, and Behavior Among Male and Female of Adolescents by Using the Computer

195-211 Ahmed Mohamed Saleh Abdelaziz

Contemporary Art on the Touchstone of Social Sciences: The Experience of the Artist Jeff Koons as a Model

213-220 Wisam Abdulmawla