Published: Dec 3, 2017

The Reality of Quality Management in Jordanian Media Institutions

5-21 Basim.m. Tweissi, Raid Jameel Suleiman

The Right to Litigation as a Prisoner Serving Sentence

23-36 Rashid Hamed Al Balushi

The evolution of the Moroccan field organization throughout history: the regional experience as a model

37-48 Rogui Mounir

Criminal arbitration in the Saudi system Tasilah study

49-63 Nehad Farouk Abbas

Role of NGOs in motivating youths to volunteer work related to the social and economic returns in the Sultanate of Oman

65-79 Wajeha Thabit Al-Ani, Mohammed Abdulhameed Lashin, Rashid Sulaman Al Fahdi, Aisha Salim Al Harthi

Patterns of sleep disorders in children with autism with the attention deficit -hyperactivity disorder

81-101 Hussein Ahmed Abdel Fattah Mohammed

Al- jahiz Vision in Umayyad era

103-113 Sulaiyam Mohammed Al hinai

The Effecting Factors in The Mass Media in the Sultanate of Oman: A field study on Omani Journalists

115-138 Mohammed Al-Mashikhi

The Counter-Effects Of The Application Of Imprisonment Alternatives On The Families Of The Imprisoned Individuals From The Point Of View Of The Prisoners In The Al-Qaseem Region – SUDIA ARABIA”

139-156 Khaled Alsaweel, Saleem Alquisi

Attitudes of the GCC youths towards marriage-related issues and requirements: A field study on youths planning to get married in the GCC countries

157-172 Hamoud Khamis Hamad Al Nawfali